Thursday, June 4, 2009

Consequences of Bankruptcy

By Peter Gitundu

We have to be accountable for every course of action we take as we try to get out of a financial crisis. Many people file for bankruptcy when they come to a point where they have no hope financially. Wile this gives them some temporary relief from the burden of the debts, it comes with some consequences, both favorable and favorable.

Looking at the bright side, bankruptcy gives you a break from the constant harassment of your creditors. Once you file the petition, your creditors are notified and they are given an order not to try to recoup anything until the repayment process is put in place.

What is most discouraging about filing for bankruptcy is the fact that your image and credit rating will negatively be affected. Your name will be published in the gazette and anyone may just find out about your position. This affects you in the corporate world because you risk losing your job if you are in professions like law or you hold a leadership position in a company.

If you are used to living your life on credit, you will find it so hard to acquire loans from lending firms. You will be put under so much scrutiny and the mention of insolvency will raise eyebrows. If you hold a bank account in any bank, it will be closed down and you will be forced to open up another one for the sake of those transactions you carry out through the bank. Life will be tough in between the 10 years your name will be in the insolvency records, but be strong because you can work on rebuilding your credit rating, step by step.

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